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101 Top Special Needs Groups, Camps

101 Top Special Needs Groups -PhD in Special Education


Socializing and participating in group activities is an important part of life for anyone, and it can be difficult for those with special needs or developmental disabilities to find appropriately paced activities. A big part of special education is not only providing academic learning opportunities for those with special needs, but helping them to develop social skills. There are many camps that offer special needs oriented programs, as well as athletic organizations, therapeutic horse riding groups, and purely social groups that can entertain those with special needs and help them grow socially and emotionally. Special needs focused travel agencies and vacation planners also provide the valuable service of opening up the world to travelers of varying physical and mental ability levels.

This collection of sites is not a ranking, but it represents some of the most useful resources for special ed teachers, parents of those with special needs, and even special needs individuals themselves. Anyone who is on a mission to provide great opportunities for learning and interaction to those with special needs will find something useful here. Hits: 651