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Best of Chinese Restaurants

Best of Chinese Restaurants & Café’s

(Old School)

California Wide

Chinese Restaurants & Café’s

(Old Schools)

This is a list of Chinese and Thai Restaurants, in Northern and Southern California. This list is in alphabetical order by city, we suggest you check the restaurant website or call for special and times of business.

Alhambra, CA

101 Noodle Express

1408 E Valley Blvd, Alhambra, CA 91801

(626) 300-8654 /


Savoy Kitchen

138 E. Valley Blvd., Alhambra, Calif.

(626) 308-9535

Comments: One of the house special is Hainan chicken rice, The chicken is served with broth, rice and ginger and an orange hot sauce.

Arcadia, CA


1108 S Baldwin Ave., Arcadia, Calif.

(626) 574 7068 /

Comments: This is a dumpling house with a reputation for serving great food. Their special include succulent xiaolongbao, or soup dumplings. Be prepared to wait during lunch and dinner eating hours.

Bellflower, CA

Ming’s Chinese Food

17812 Bellflower Blvd.

Bellflower, CA 90706 / 562.867.2600

Comments: I have been going to this place for over thirty years, and never had a bad meal. Always great taste and fresh food, just the right amount of spices. Old school Chinese food, nothing real fancy just a good food.

Cerritos, CA

King Dragon Chinese Restaurant

13333 South St. Cerritos, CA 90703

(562) 924-3223

Comments: Favorites include: Mongolian beef and jjang jjang myun (Black sauce noodles). Good place for a good meal at reasonable prices.

Peking Wok Restaurant

11203 183rd St. Cerritos, CA 90703

(562) 860-6068 /

Comments: Good Varity of food on the menu. Some of the favorites include:

house special chow mein, shrimp with lobster sauce, mongolian beef, chicken with asparagus, chicken fried rice, chicken filled won-tons and Tsingtao.

Cupertino, CA

A & J Restaurant

10893 N Wolfe Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014

(408) 873-8298

Comments: Best known for their combination beef/beef tendon soup with thick noodles. Go for the food not for the service and you will be fine. Cash only!

Liang’s Village Cuisine

19772 Stevens Creek Blvd. Cupertino, CA 95014

(408) 725-9999 /

Comments: best known for their beef soup, meat filled pancakes, salted duck noodle soup, red BBQ pork, my favorite is the fried wontons fried pork cutlet wrapped in green onion pancake.

Southland Flavor Cafe

10825 N Wolfe Rd. Ste 220

Cupertino, CA 95014

(408) 446-9488 /

Comments: Open 7 days a week 11:00 A.M. to 9:30 P.M. Yes they have stinky tofu, the stinker the better. Other favorites include: ground pork over rice, mobo tufu, omelette rice, Taiwanese sausage, and sea food pancakes. Food always served quick and hot.

Del Mar, CA

Del Mar Rendezvous

Del Mar Plaza, 1555 Camino Del Mar, No. 102, Del Mar, Calif.

(858) 755 2669 /

Comments: The Chinese fusion menu includes duck breast Shangri-la with teriyaki glaze. This place is a favorite among the locals. This restaurant has an extensive gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan menus.

Irvine, CA

Sam Woo

15333 Culver Drive #720 Irvine, CA 92606

(949) 262-0688

Comments: Good Chinese for the price.

Laguna Niguel, CA

China Moon Restaurant

30001 Town Center Drive #4 Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

(949) 249-6868 /

Comments: Great Chinese food and maybe one of the best in the OC. Best known for their rainbow shrimp, we recommend the moo-shoo pork, crispy sesame shrimp with Jackson's famous sauce, sizzling rice soup, chicken curry and just about everything on the menu.

Los Altos, CA

Chef Chu’s

1067 N. San Antonio Road, Los Altos, Ca

(650) 948 2696 /

Comments: The dishes served are from all regions of China. The restaurant specializes in Peking Duck, and several other dishes. This restaurant is well known and some of the natable diners include President Bill Clinton, President Jimmy Carter, Margaret Thatcher, Justin Bieber and many more.

Los Angeles, CA

ABC Seafood

205 Ord Street, Los Angeles

(213) 680-2887

Comments: Great place for Sunday morning Dim Sum, several carts parading around the tables with great dished for you to choose.

CBS Seafood Restaurant

700 North Spring Street,

Los Angeles, CA 90012 / (213) 617-2323 ‎

Comments: One of the best places for Dim Sum in L.A. And the price is reasonable, two could eat very well for twenty dollars. Separate are for take out orders. They are located on the corner of Spring Street and Ord. behind Phillipe’s French Dip and across the street from my favorite Chinese bakery. This is a one- stop corner.

Chinese Friends

984 North Broadway

Los Angeles, CA 90012 / (213) 626-1837 ‎

Comments: One of the best Chinese restaurants in Chinatown, and yes they speak Spanish too! Try the house special shrimp, some say it’s better than Yang Chow’s, Cashew chicken, sauteed shrimp, Soup, Kung pow shrimp, plus good service and Atmosphere equal great!

Chu’s Kitchen

111 W. 9th Street

Los Angeles, CA 90015 / (213) 624.8928

Comments: Small place with good prices and big portions. You can buy a three-item lunch for $5.75; they have some of the hard to find food items like pork egg foo young and the Singapore chow mien (w/o curry).

Express Pavillion

988 N. Hill Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012 / (213) 617.9898

Comments: This is a Hong Kong-Style restaurant, with a large selection of Chinese dishes (over 200) the selection includes some must try items: pan fried chicken with cashew nuts, pan fried beef with vegetables, and Dim Sum is served during the morning and mid day.

Full House Seafood Restaurant

963 N Hill St. Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 617-8382 http://www.lafullhouserestaurants.Com

Comments: Great place for late night eating, open 7 nights until 3:00 A.M. Some of the most popular dishes include: orange chicken, walnut shrimp, fried tofu, Peking duck, and the pan-fried noodles. No MSG on request.

Master Chief

937 N Hill St. Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 687-3638 /

Comments: Good place for a late night meal, open until midnight Mon, Sun, Wed and until 1:00 A.M on Thurs. – Sunday. Good honey walnut shrimp, shrimp fried rice, veggie egg rolls and Shanghai pork spareribs and deep fried squid with spicy salt.

New Dragon Seafood Restaurant

936 N Hill St. Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 626-6050

Comments: Good food at reasonable prices, the lunch menu ranges forms $4.95 to $7.99. Some special items include: kung pao shrimp, sweet and sour pork, house chow mein, and lettuce wraps.

New Moon

112 W 9th Street

Los Angeles, CA 90015 / (213) 624.0186

Comments: Great Chinese food, try the kung pao chicken, chicken with asparagus, Mongolian beef, crispy honey glazed chicken w/ orange Zest, and my favorite is the Chinese chicken salad with sesame dressing.

Paul’s Kitchen

1012 S. San Pedro Street

Los Angeles, CA 90015 / (213) 749.5004

Comments: A must try is the war wonton soup, and the serve soup and noodles with any combination of meats, a large serving enough for two. Tommy Lasorda still eats at this place. In fact they serve a Tommy Lasorda special all the best foods on one order. My favorites include the pressed duck and egg foo young

Phoenix Inn Chinese Cuisine

301 Ord St. Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 629-2812 /…


330 S. Hope St. Ste 7

Los Angeles, CA

(213) 626-6688 /

Comments: Good Chinese food and reasonable prices for downtown LA. Good wonton soup, Kunp Pao Chicken, Pan Fried dumping, Broccoli Beef, and Orange Chicken.

Won Kok Restaurant

210 Alpine St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 613-0700

Comments: Good Honk Kong style dim sum served all day. This place is open nightly until 3:00 A.M. The place is a hole in the wall with good food and great prices. If your looking for ambience with waiter in black tie shirt, go to Yang Chow.

Yang Chow

819 N. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA

(213) 625.0811 /

Comments: You will not be disappointed, try anything on the menu. I believe the number one seller here is the “slippery shrimp” deep-fried, crunchy-coated shrimp with a sweet and savory sauce, and other favorites, sizzling rice soup, yang chows fried rice (shrimp, chicken, and pork), and string beans with minced chicken or pork. GREAT FOOD! Located in Chinatown on Broadway and Alpine.

Milpitas, CA

Liou’s House

1245 Jacklin Rd. Milpitas, CA 95035

(408) 263-9888

Comments: Good creative Chinese/Taiwanese food. They specialize in both hot and cold dishes. Some of the favorites on the menu include: Hunan tofu, crispy stuffed sweet rice, smoked duck buns, Fried red bean balls, and fish lettuce cups, just to name a few.

Montebello, CA

Canton City Restaurant

121 N. Garfield Ave.

Montebello, CA 90640 / (323) 724.0714

Comments: What can I say, I first visited this restaurant in 1974, not sure how long it was serving the residents of Montebello, but the fact that it’s still there say a lot. Some favorites include: paper wrapped chicken, crispy egg rolls, egg foo young, shrimp w/ pan fried noodles, sweet and sour pork, orange chicken and pork fried rice are everyone’s favorite. Egg flower soup is the best in L.A.

Happy Family Restaurant

869 N. Wilcox Ave.

Montebello, CA 90640 / (323) 722.8888

Comments: A must try is the “pancake” it’s a crispy buttery (I think you should taste for yourself) and the spicy chicken with peanuts, green beans with pork, salt and pepper shrimp, fried pork chop fried with garlic cilantro and jalapenos. They have several creative dishes.

Monterey Park, CA

Beijing Pie House

846 E. Garvey Ave., Monterey Park, Calif.

(626) 288 3818

Comments: The house special is meat pies with flaky crust filled with hot spicy meats. You must try the beef rolls. This restaurant is rated in the top 50 Chinese restaurants in the US.

Dean Sin World

306 N Garfield Ave. #2

Monterey Park, CA 91754

(626) 571-0636

Comments: The building signage says “Bakery Deli” This is a a small place with a few tables and a four seat counter that serves four star food or better. Open 7 days a week from 9:30 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Some of the favorite foods include, Chinese jia jiang mien, hand rolled dumplings, dumpling soup, Xiao long bao (steamed pork dumplings), Cong you bing (green onion pancake), and Shiu mai.

Lake Spring Shanghai

219 E. Garvey Ave.

Monterey Park, CA 91755 / (626) 280.3571

Hours: Lunch 11:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. / Dinner 5:P.M. to 9:30 P.M.

Comments: You get it all here Shanghai-style dishes with ferocious Szechuan spice.

Mama Lu’s Dumpling House

153 E Garvey Ave, Monterey Park, CA 91755

(626) 307-5700

Comments: The scallion pancakes, soup dumplings, are good choices. My favorite is the fried rice, Mangolian beef, and their juicy pork dumplings.

Ocean Star

145 North Atlantic Boulevard Monterey Park, CA 91754

(626) 308-2128

Comments: Great lunch time dim sum restaurant with at least a dozen carts. And if you stay there a while you will see the fifty or so tables turn about every 20 or 30 minutes. Don’t know where all the people come from but the come regularly between 11:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M. My guess is the restaurant holds between 75 to 100 people at a time. Plus they have a few private rooms for small parties and special guests. In addition to the dim sum you may select from the dinner menu. No dim sum after 3:00 P.M.

National City, CA

Golden Chopsticks Restaurant

1430 E Plaza Blvd, National City, CA 91950

(619) 336-1888

Royal Mandarin

1132 E Plaza Blvd, National City, CA 91950

(619) 477-4151 /

Comments: Good Chinese food, some of the favorites are: shrimp fried rice, salty peppered chicken wings, honey walnut shrimp, and mandarin soft noodles. Mongolian Beef, Buchi Sesame Ball (Crispy Sweet with Red bean) just to name a few.

Pasadena, CA

Fortune Chinese Cuisine

60 N Raymond Ave

Pasadena, CA 91103

(626) 577-1888

Comments: One of the specials here is the orange chicken, other favorites include: Mongolian beef, orange shrimp, fried dumplings, fried chicken wings, kung pao chicken, fish in black bean sauce and sizzling rice soup, to name a few.

Fu-Shing Chinese Restaurant

2960 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107

(626) 792-8898 /

Comments: One of the house special is the walnut shrimp, other favorites include: Peking duck, pan fried noodles, crunchy-style chow mein, sizzling rice soup with chicken, Shrimp in Lobster Sauce and many more great dishes.

Yujean Kang’s

67 N. Raymond Ave. / (626) 585.0855

Pasadena, CA 91103

Comments: Recommended items include, Chilean sea bass Chinese style, pork and shrimp dumplings, braised black cod, Beijing duck (must be ordered two days in advance), crispy Szechwan-style beef, and Mandarin orange cheesecake, just to name a few favorites.

Rosemead, CA


9425 Valley Blvd.

Rosemead, CA / (626) 442.8999

Comments: It’s worth the drive just to try the handmaid knife-shaved noodles. Another recommendation is the pancake with beef, a sort of savory Chinese pastrami in a flaky roll-up bread, and the flavorful pork and seafood dumplings are the best in the San Gabriel Valley.

Sea Harbour Seafood Resaturant

3939 Rosemead Blvd., Rosemead, Calif.

(626) 288 3939

Comments: A dim sum restaurant without the carts, you order dim sum from the menu. The house special is Hong Kong Dungeness crab

Rowland Heights, CA

Class 302 Restaurant

1015 S. Nogales St., No. 125, Rowland Heights, Calif.

(626) 965 5809 /

Comments: Authentic Taiwanese food, the restaurant is designed like a traditional Chinese classroom. What gets people coming here from all areas is the pork belly rice. You will have a real eating experience.

Hong Kong Palace

19101 Colima Road, Rowland Heights, CA 91748

(626) 854-9829

Comments: Open daily from 10:00 A.M. to midnight. Authentic Hong Kong Dim sum at unbelievable prices. Like most popular dim sum restaurants you need to get there before the lunch crowd or expect to wait in line to get a table. Several other Chinese items on the menu to choose.

New Capital Seafood Restaurant

1330 S Fullerton Rd. Ste 207

Rowland Heights, CA 91748

(626) 581-9813

Comments: The best dim sum in the San Gabriel Valley really gets crowded at lunch and dinner, and especially on Sundays. On Sunday mornings, it looks like there are more people outside than in the restaurant, because of the long lines to get in. And I must mention the prices are great or should I say cheap!

NewPort Seafood Restaurant

18441 Colima Rd. Rowland Heights, CA 91748

(626) 839-1239

Comments: Great food, we recommend you try Lobster with Ginger and Onion, beef Loc Lac (French Style Beef) on rice, Walnut Shrimp, and Sauteed Peasprout and Shrimp with Garlic sauce. Not the cheapest Chinese foods around the area, however the food quality is real good.

San Diego, CA

China Max Seafood Restaurant

4698 Convoy St Ste 101, San Diego, CA 92111

(858) 650-3333

Dumpling Inn

4619 Convoy St. Ste F

San Diego, CA 92111 (Kearny Mesa area)

(858) 268-9638 /

Comments: Best-fried and steamed dumpling is San Diego. Other great items include: Spicy eggplant (Yu Xiang Qie Zi), dumpling soup (Xiao Long Bao), sea bass with Black Bean Sauce, Lobster and Shrimp over rice, and you can order dumpling with your choice of meat or vegetables.

Emerald Chinese

3709 Convoy St. Ste. 101

San Diego, CA 92111

(858) 565-6888 /

Comments: Some good dishes include, Pork Shiu Mai
Stewed Chicken Feet
Shrimp Fun Gor
Shrimp Har Gow
Shiu Mai w/ Quail Egg

Hunan Restaurant

16719 Bernardo Center Dr, San Diego, CA 92128

(858) 487-8131 /

Comments: The menu offers over 60 entrée choices. Some of the favorites: Mongolian beef, moo goo gai pan, Peking-style pork chops, kung pao chicken, sizzling rice, wor wonton sopup, and hot/sour soup.

Jasmine Seafood Restaurant

4609 Convoy St, San Diego, CA 92111

(858) 268-0888

Ly’s Garden Chinese Restaurant

4350 54th St, San Diego, CA 92115

(619) 265-1885

Comments: The restaurant serves authentic Chinese food. Some of their specials include: Hot and sour shrimp soup, duck soup with noodles, walnut shrimp, roast duck, fried tufu w/ shrimp, won ton soup, Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce, crispy beef and many more dishes.

Minh Ky Chinese Restaurant

4644 El Cajon Blvd 101, San Diego, CA 92115

(619) 283-4180

Pearl Chinese Cuisine

11666 Avena Pl. San Diego, CA 92128

(858) 487-3388

Comments: The best dim sum in North County. Some of the favorites:

pork shui mai, blk bean spareribs, BBQ pork, shrimp dumplings, sticky buns, Peking duck, Fried Chicken and Shrimp Chips, and many more good dishes.

Spicy City Chinese Restaurant

4690 Convoy St. Ste 107

San Diego, CA 92111

(858) 278-1818 /

Comments: This place offers over twenty selections of noodles and noodle soups with every combination of meats and vegetables for under $6.00. Other special include: steamed dumplings, Lamb chop w/ hot pepper, Fried curd pork w/ dried string bean, Frog w/ chopped hot chili pepper, Steamed Fish head w/ chopped chili pepper, fish fillet w/ garlic & brown sauce, Szechwan special cured duck, Sizzling shrimp and several vegetable dishes. The restaurant menu has over 150 food items to choose from.

San Francisco, CA

Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant

754 Kirkham St., San Francisco, CA 94122

(415) 682 0826 /

Comments: Immitation meats are made of soy products, or yam or wheat gluten and there is no onion, garlic, or msg. in foods.

Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant

839 Kearny St., San Francisco, CA 94108

(415) 956 7868 /

Comments: Immitation meats are made of soy products, or yam or wheat gluten and there is no onion, garlic, or msg in foods.

Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant

5344 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94121

(415) 956 7868 /

Comments: Immitation meats are made of soy products, or yam or wheat gluten and there is no onion, garlic, or msg in foods.

R & G Lounge

631 Kearny St., San Francisco, CA

(415) 982 7877 /

Comments: R & G is known for their salt and pepper crab and Cantonese style Peking Duck.

San Tung Chinese Restaurant

1031 Irving St., San Francisco

(415) 242 0828 /

Comments: The specialty is the dry-fried chicken wings with spicy sauce. The food is Shandong style the region in China known for it’s flour based foods. Great noodles and pot stickers.

San Gabriel, CA

Luscious Dumplings

704 W. Las Tunas Dr. , San Gabriel, CA 91776

(626) 282.8695

Hours: Mon – Sun Lunch 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. Dinner 5:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.

Comments: Best Dumplings and noodle soups in the area. This is a small restaurant with big taste and flavors. Try the pork dumpling and noodle soup combo.

New Capital Seafood Restaurant

140 W Valley Blvd

San Gabriel, CA 91776

(626) 288-1899

Comments: Great dim sum, and a large selection to choose from. No question this is Authentic Chinese food. The best time to get here and be seated quickly is between 10:00 A.M. and 11:00 A.M. After this time you will be waiting in line but it’s worth every minute. I believe dim sum is available until around 3:00 P.M. For dinner they turn this place into a lobster restaurant with all the Chinese dishes you want. Great food and great prices too.

New Port Tan Cang Seafood Restaurant

518 W. Las Tunas Drive, San Gabriel, Calif.

626 289 5998 /

Comments: One of the most popular restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley. The restaurant offer all the favorite Chinese dished including dim sum. We suggest you try the fish with basil, walnut shrimp, and the house special lobster. The best dessert is the flaky crust egg custard tarts, which can be ordered off the dim sum menu.

San Jose, CA

ASJ Restaurant

1698 Hostetter Rd. San Jose, CA 95131

(408) 441-8168

Comments: G ood soups, especially the spicy beef with noodles. Want to try Something

Different try their smoked chicken and onion pancakes.

Tai Kee Won Ton

375 Saratoga Ave. Unit H & J

San Jose, CA 95129

(408) 244-8886

Comments: Great Chinese beef noodle soup, spare ribs, hot and crispy popcorn chicken, fried won ton with pork, and their fish soup is great too.

San Marcos, CA

China Wokery

1020 West San Marcos Suite 142Blvd, San Marcos, CA 92078

(760) 471-6066 /

Comments: We hope you enjoy your visit and come share a meal with us soon. Let our exquisite culinary specialties transport you to an exceptional Chinese dining experience. Come in during lunch, join us for dinner, or have a delicious meal to go. China Wokery is situated in San Marcos' historic Old California Restaurant Row. We hope to see you today.

San Mateo, CA

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

215 S. Ellsworth Ave., San Mateo, Calif.

(650) 343 2566 /

Comments: They set the standard when it comes to hot pot dining, you select the flavored broth and the most popular is the spicy. They serve family style.

Santa Ana, CA

Trieu Chau

4401 West 1st Street Santa Ana, CA 92703

(714) 775-1536

Comments: The hủ tiếu Nam Vang with roast duck is a winner. If you like noodle you will love this place. Some the favorite items include: mi nam vang,

Mi Nam Vang, Trieu Chau, and house special rice noodles, are a few of the dishes that we recommend.

Santa Clarita, CA

Mam Chief

5075 Stevens Creek Blvd. Ste 10

Santa Clara, CA 95051

(408) 249-9888

Comments: Good service! Some of the favorites include: Fried calamari, pork chop over rice, stuffed tang-yuan, fried pork over rice and mustard greens. A good selection of Taiwanese comfort food including stinky tofu.

Torrance, CA

Mandarin Kitchen

2526 Torrance Blvd. Torrance, CA 90503

(310) 320-2888 /

Comments: This restaurant is located between Vans shoe store and a Carpet store. A small restaurant with great Chinese food, a hidden gem. We recommend the following items: Seasame Chicken, Braised String Beans, Pan Fried Chow Mein, shrimp in a brown garlic sauce with onions, Crab and Cream Cheese Wontons and BBQ Pork Chow Mein, just to name a few. Open seven days from 11:00 A.M. to 9:30 P.M. All food made fresh to order.

Seashore Chinese Restaurant

5137 Calle Mayor, Torrance, CA 90505

(310) 373-0751

Comments: Great place for a large group, and family style serving is available. lunch specials from 11-3 pm daily, dishes range from $6.45 to $8.25. Some of the favorite items include: Deep fried shrimp with spicy salt, String bean beef, Mixed seafood with bean curd, Pepper Pork Chops, Fish fillet with black bean sauce, just to name a few. The restaurant décor is old and outdated but the food is good.

Sue’s Kitchen

23918 Crenshaw Blvd. Torrance, CA 90505

(310) 539-1992

Comments: This place is a whole in the wall with limited seating. People come here for good fast food and fresh food. One of the top picks here is their pork chops and rice, spicy pork and Chinese greens, Dan Dan Noodles, beef noodle soup and the Chinese burrito. The food here is as good and the best in the San Gabriel Valley area.

West Covina, CA

Ocean 7 Asian Cuisine

625 S Barranca Ave. Covina, CA 91723

(626) 859-0932

Whittier, CA

Silver Palace Chinese Restaurant

15326 Whittier Blvd.

Whittier, CA 90603 / (562) 947.4043

Comments: Great selection of food. Our suggestion include the tangerine beef, honey walnut shrimp, house special chow mein, crunchy lemon chicken, and the soups are great too.


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